Big Brother 10’s Jessie’s image used in gay get-out-the-vote ad

A Washington state gay rights group has produced a poster encouraging people to vote, and that poster uses part of a shirtless photograph of Big Brother 10‘s Jessie Godderz.

The poster says “Flex the Gay Body Politic: Vote,” and features a black and white image of a heavily muscled man’s arm, chest, and neck. That man, as Towleroad revealed, is Jessie, who most recently appeared on TV in a gorilla suit and gave a series of incomprehensible interviews to the press.

It’s not clear if the image was licensed from the photographer or used without permission. Equal Rights Washington’s Josh Friedes told The Stranger’s Dan Savage that “[t]he poster was developed by an intern” and that the campaign was designed “to convey to people that we need to be engaged in the political process. We want people to know that voting is important, and that there’s more to life than just the gym.” Towleroad suggests that’s probably “an intern who’s a fan of CBS’ Big Brother.”

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