“Dumb old man” Jerry falls into the pool

Those people not fleeing a hurricane may spend Labor Day weekend in or by their pool. The same is true of the Big Brother 10 houseguests, particularly Jerry, who fell into the house’s tiny pool Sunday afternoon while trying to read some kind of message in the sky.

Old man Jerry’s splashdown is the funniest thing that’s come out of the house since the Renny and Jerry montage, and it’s funny for the same reason that Wipeout is hysterical–but there’s maybe also a bit of karmic payback going on, since Jerry has been kind of an ass.

Plus, it’s okay to laugh since he’s fine. After Dan fished him out, Jerry said, “Oh, man, hurt my ass,” and producers temporarily cut the live feeds, perhaps afraid that Jerry would need medical attention. Jerry even has a sense of humor about it, saying later, “it’s got to be funny to see someone…I was so embarrassed,” and calling himself a “dumb old man” and saying, “glad I wasn’t high.”

Meanwhile, Sunday’s episode was holiday weekend-worthy, meaning nothing happened. Either the show’s editors and story producers are on vacation, or it’s just that time in the season when absolutely nothing happens in the house. Sunday’s episode spent a ridiculously long period of time recapping the episode we just saw Thursday, and then spent long periods of time on Keesha’s laugh, Renny’s stupidity (she kept insisting New Orleans’ time zone was two hours behind Los Angeles’, but eventually realized her error), Jerry’s isolation, and Jerry’s storytelling. Only after Jerry won HOH was there a tiny bit of strategizing, but that was followed by Renny sleepwalking and some other filler, before he finally got around to nominating Dan and Keesha.

They would have had a far better episode if they’d just showed him falling in the pool over and over again. Here’s the HOH’s not-high moment, which starts around the 1:50 mark:

BB 10 Jerry Falls Into The Pool, Jerry fell into the pool (brief) 12:53pm, and Big Brother 10 USA Week 8 Jerry Getting Out Of Pool After Falling In [YouTube]