Dan throws the final veto competition and Keesha figures out that she’s out

Big Brother 10‘s final veto competition played out last night, and Memphis won only because Dan threw the competition in order to deflect attention from himself. And it may just have worked.

Recognizing that bumbling old man Jerry is the best person to go up against in the final HOH competition, Memphis and Dan decided that Memphis would vote Keesha out, as he had the sole vote thanks to his win in the veto competition (which (Julie Chen spoiled on Craig Ferguson’s show). However, Memphis has the worst poker face in the history of faces, which means Keesha quickly figured out that she was going to be evicted.

She confronted them, and they said everything by saying anything. “Oh my god, I am so stupid. I stuck up for both of you,” she said, vowing to not vote for the person who voted her out (i.e. Memphis). In private, Dan lied to her, saying, “I’m trying to find a way to keep you”–and that apparently worked, since Keesha addressed Dan before Memphis voted her out, thanking Dan for his support.

Perhaps that wasn’t a lie, though, and there was some context we were missing, because between the time when Keesha was evicted and Julie Chen began her interview, we saw Dan tell Memphis, “I really can’t believe you did that, though, man. You’re out of your mind if you think I’m taking you. Out of your mind.” Perhaps he was just pretending so Jerry thought he had a chance.

Dan’s been a hit or miss player, with his week of stupidity that ended up working out, but he now seems to be marching toward a win that previously seemed like it belonged to Memphis.

Dan now has Keesha’s vote, and his strategy of taking Michelle to the “private island”–seeing the houseguests outside of the house was sort of like seeing Kermit the Frog on a bicycle–seemed like it just may have worked, even though she clearly saw through his attempt to win her vote.

Of course, he has to make it to the final two first, and with the producers’ history of making the final HOH competition an unfair, essentially random competition, that’s not necessarily assured. We’ll find out Thursday; the first part of the three-part final HOH competition began last night, but ended quickly (see who won). Because nothing will be happening once the final two have been decided, Sunday’s episode is a clip show, and the show ends next Tuesday.

Tuesday night’s episode also included clips of Jessie in the monkey suit. It’s just too bad the producers figured out so late in the game how to make Jessie entertaining: make sure we can’t see or hear him.