Dan and Memphis coast into Big Brother 10’s finale

It may not have been the most spectacular game play in the history of competitive, social reality TV games, but Dan and Memphis’ week-four plan to be the final two players on Big Brother 10 worked flawlessly. Now it’s just up to the jury to decide which one will win. And we get to decide which juror wins $25,000. I can’t see voting for anyone except Renny, if only because she earned it with her crazy antics.

Based upon the brief conversation we saw from the jury house, when Keesha and Michelle both admitted Dan was working them for their votes, the jury seems to be both annoyed by and in awe of Dan’s game play, and they don’t even know about how he threw a competition to deflect attention from himself. That likely means he’ll walk away with the win, and Memphis will get $50,000 to buy shirts with fronts.

As Thursday’s episode opened, Dan kept up his fake hating on Memphis while competing in the first part of the HOH competition. That started to irritate even Memphis because Dan isn’t a good actor and was overacting. The whole thing was apparently designed to get Jerry to throw the second round of the HOH competition, but that was completely unnecessary: In part two, Memphis finished identifying every week’s HOHO and nominees in 8:35, while Jerry took 51 minutes and 22 seconds.

Those are 51 reasons why Dan and Memphis’ plan to kick out Keesha was smart, if dickish. “I was totally ashamed and embarrassed at how badly I did,” Jerry said, and then said “embarrassing” while stripping down to his briefs, although I think he was still talking about his performance in the competition.

Thus, we were left with the still-lame, still-unfair, essentially random and, this season, entirely pointless third HOH competition. (You’d think that after all these years, the producers could come up with something new. But no; that’d require work.) Dan won and evicted Jerry, and then the Renegades jumped on each other.

Jerry may have sucked at the HOH competiiton, but he’s not too dumb, as he knew what happened. “I think that they agreed that they would stick together through this,” he said. “I think Dan made a big mistake,” telling Julie Chen that he might be the deciding vote on the jury.

When he wasn’t being a funny old man, Jerry was kind of a bastard at times, but at the end of his conversation with Julie, he may have said the most touching thing in the history of this stupid show. “I gave it everything I had, and it is my last hurrah,” he said. “I’m going to live out my life remembering this.”