Jason Castro fan bought him a computer; family called “greedy, pathetic” for soliciting money

American Idol 7 finalist Jason Castro and his family have reportedly been asking fans of his for monetary and other donations, and unbelievably, one fan even bought Jason a computer after his broke.

Vote for the Worst criticizes them for that, saying “Jason Castro and his family … are milking his idiot fans for money… and the fans are going along with it.” A fan actually bought Jason a new laptop.

In addition, the site reports that “Jason Castro’s greedy, pathetic family actually propositioned Idol Forums posters to fund a mission trip for Jason’s girlfriend.” In addition, Top Idol reported on drama between his fans, who “are trying to convince the others that giving the object of their sick devotion [Jason] $1000 is NECESSARY.”

More recently, his mother Betsy sent a cease-and-desist notice to fans who create their own Jason Castro paraphernalia. She demanded that they buy “his official merchandise” because “[i]t is illegal to make any type of profit on Jason’s likeness and image.”

Apparently, fans wanting to send money for their favorite Idol isn’t unusual, but as Vote for the Worst notes, “Michael Johns and David Cook have been much more tactful and are encouraging their fans to send any donations to Luke Menard’s family, as Luke is currently battling cancer and his medical bills are very high.”

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