Overexposed Hills star Lauren Conrad’s neighbors are upset

With the fourth season of The Hills debuting a week from Monday, its star Lauren Conrad is suddenly everywhere, as The Los Angeles Times reports. Among other things, she’ll be guest starring on ABC Family’s Greek, showed up to pick up a Teen Choice Award, and fresh off of being on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, is now on the cover of CosmoGirl.

Lauren will also be designing an Emmy dress–but not for an actual celebrity, but for one of the anonymous models who holds the statues. It’s clearly a ploy to get the kids to watch the Emmys, as the awards show’s executive producer Ken Ehrlich said in a press release, “For the first time in Emmy history, a celebrity designer will be creating a gown to be worn by the women who are handing out the Emmys statuettes. We are very excited to have someone as talented as Lauren Conrad working with us to help make this a very memorable and exciting show.”

And I’m sure Lauren is very excited to have someone use the words “celebrity” and “designer” in a non-ironic context.

One of the places that she’s everywhere is–a different Los Angeles Times article! It discusses how residents on Lauren’s alleged street, the 1600 block of Orange Grove Avenue, are upset.

That’s because her house has become “a production facility for their TV show. They’re running an ongoing production studio in our neighborhood,” her next-door neighbor David Brumer told the paper. He points out that “Lights are left on in there 24/7, so you wonder if anyone is sleeping. Most of the neighbors don’t see them there on a regular basis except when they are shooting.”

Lauren insisted that it’s her home in a statement, saying, “This is 100% my home and my only place of residence. I try to be a respectful and conscientious neighbor.” The paper reports that MTV has a permit that “allows shooting to occur 16 days a month. It prohibits filming that is visible to neighbors before 7 a.m. and after 10 p.m.”

Another neighbor who’s upset is Steven Antin, brother of Bravo star Jonathan Antin and CW star and Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin; he worked as a producer on the CW’s Pussycat Dolls reality series. The Times quotes someone who says Antin “is trying to shop around a reality show himself about what a hard time he’s had living next door to where a reality show is being filmed.”

But Antin told E! News that the claim is “ridiculous and absurd. The reality-show thing is completely made up and not true.” He is irritated, though, about Lauren, and says everyone else is, too: “The entire street has filed complaints. Everyone in the neighborhood has filed complaints.”

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