Joshua Allen wins SYTYCD 4

During the finale of So You Think You Can Dance 4, Courtney Galiano was, unsurprisingly, the first finalist to be eliminated. Next went Katee Shean, leaving Joshua and Twitch as the predictable final two. “After nearly 60 million votes,” as host Cat Deeley said, the fourth season of So You Think You Can Dance was won by Joshua Allen, who of course started to cry.

He defeated Stephen “Twitch” Boss, and both are untrained street dancers, a first for the show. Katee received $50,000, so runner-up Twitch and fourth-place Courtney both got screwed out of a prize. (Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly identified the consolation prize, which only Katee received. I misunderstood Cat Deely’s announcement–She said, “This year, there’s a prize for the top boy and the top girl, and so therefore, young lady, you are going away with $50,000.”–because I couldn’t understand why they’d arbitrarily award a prize to the third-place contestant and not the runner-up, and thought she meant the top non-winning boy and girl. In any case, I regret the error.)

Not that it was necessary, but the finale helped solidify the show as the best talent competition on TV. Although it was ultimately two hours of filler leading up to the reveal, that filler was mostly repeat performances by the cast, and thus it was two hours of exceptional, unbelievable talent.

Judge Mary Murphy took a break from screaming to dance on the stage, and even that old bastard Nigel Lythgoe tap danced with a group of Debbie Allen-trained kids. (Tangent: Entertainment Weekly had an hysterical poll in the Aug. 1 print edition, with 7 percent of respondents finding him “funny,” 27 percent “creepy but funny,” and 66 percent “Just creepy. Very creepy.”)

Would an American Idol judge ever perform live? Not quite, and that’s just one of the reasons why SYTYCD is superior to American Idol. For list of 11 reasons why the show is better–and 11 reasons why the reverse is true, written by the same person–check out Sam Greenspan’s 11 Ways American Idol is Better Than So You Think You Can Dance and 11 Ways So You Think You Can Dance is Better Than American Idol.

Pretty much the only real filler was a performance by future reality stars the Jonas Brothers, which made about as much sense in the So You Think You Can Dance finale as celibacy does in a teen pop group.