Janice Dickinson’s new deaf and gay model has done porn

Janice Dickinson’s increasingly contrived reality series, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, returns to Oxygen next week, with Janice deciding to move in with her models, who now live together. Pretty much the only reason to watch the show is because Oxygen shows them half-naked, including bare asses, while they parade in front of Janice and get objectified–I mean, screened for sponsors–I mean, clients.

Anyway, one of her new models is openly gay and deaf, but he’s probably now going to be better known because he has done pornography, the kind that doesn’t air on Oxygen. Martin is “also known as Pauly, who has appeared on Cruiser Boys,” according to QueerClick, which has NSFW pictures of his work. He “also appeared on Boyride under the name York. York appeared in one solo video and an action scene,” according to DudeTube, which also has photographic evidence.

This actually isn’t the first time Janice has cast/hired someone who’s done porn. Rodrigo de Carli, who was new last season, appeared as Claudio Martin in multiple gay porn films produced by Chi Chi LaRue; LA Rag Mag had photos and video.

However, along with other models who’ve appeared on past seasons, Rodrigo “is also MIA” this season, After Elton reports.

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