Janice Dickinson moves in with her models, fired gay models for being too “physically fit”

The fourth season of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency debuts tonight at 10 p.m. ET on Oxygen, and for the first time, Janice will live with the models, and she’ll also spy on them. While the show will feature a deaf and gay model who’s done porn, the two gay models who appeared last season and now plan to marry won’t appear on the show–because they’re too physically fit.

Executive producer Stuart Krasnow said Janice actually lived in the mansion with the models. “Janice lived there 24/7. She was in for the full run. I really can’t think of anybody else who really would do that along with the cast of a reality show. I almost think it was harder for the kids to be in the house than it was for Janice to be there,” he told reporters last week, according to Reality TV World.

It was hard on them because Janice was spying. “The models do not know they’re being observed by me 24/7 so they can’t get away with what they think they can get away with,” Janice told reporters. Krasnow added, “You will see as the show progresses that not in a million years did they suspect that Janice herself was having the same access as the producers have — being able to go into the bedroom, hit a button that’s hidden inside of a mannequin and really be in the know and see everything the models were doing and really be able to watch it unedited and raw the same way we do. We weren’t filtering anything for Janice. It really worked out well.”

Krasnow also said that Janice actually cares about the models beyond being half-naked bodies that draw ratings for her show. “Her relationship with them is very real and very genuine and she’s very much in their lives on every level,” he said. “I think people mistakenly think that Janice is this over-the-top caricature. … I think that you’re really going to see this very den mother side of Janice that I don’t think we’re used to seeing. It’s actually very moving and very real.”

Meanwhile, for the fourth season, the show dropped two third-season models, Paul Anderson and Shaun McCarron. It’s mostly interesting because of the way Janice Dickinson responded to questions about them, walking away from Orlando Sentinel critic Hal Boedeker when he asked about it this summer, and then calling him “obsessed” when he asked about it again. All she ultimately said was, “These guys got rejected on the third season so they’re not there. We have a new flock.”

Krasonow said, “They were eliminated because they were so physically fit. I love their relationship because that was the best part of their storyline. But it was just hard to explore without them getting a lot of jobs.”

However, Anderson told Boedeker that they were booking work and had signed contracts. “Being too fit — when is that an issue with modeling? I don’t get that,” he said.

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