NBC will air celebrity dinner party show; Fox Reality orders third Solitary

NBC plans to air five episodes of a show that will feature celebrities having a dinner party for four other celebrities, and then getting judged on their food. Celebrity Come Dine With Me–which is just a working title, thankfully–“is based on a format owned by Granada that’s found success in 16 countries, including the U.K., where the show has aired four seasons since 2005. The overseas versions have mainly showcased nonfamous contestants, though some also have experimented with celebrity contestants,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The paper says that “the celebrity whose party receives the highest score wins $20,000 for … charity, and “the show’s green light hinges on lining up a suitable cast.” With that in mind, why exactly NBC went with a celebrity version instead of a real person version is beyond me, especially because they’ll probably land such A-listers as Christopher Knight; Jillian, the Biggest Loser trainer; and Andy Cohen.

Seriously, they couldn’t find any real stars for the cast of Celebrity Circus, just like they couldn’t get any real stars to show up for Celebrity Cooking Showdown, a short-lived, bad-idea competition the network aired two years ago. The success of Celebrity Apprentice, which itself is not even teeming with A-listers, is probably to blame for the celebrity angle, but an untested new show is probably not going to draw the same type of people as Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the Fox Reality Channel has ordered a third season of its show Solitary, which locks contestants in small cells and tortures them until everyone except one person gives up. The winner gets a whole $50,000. The show is the network’s “most successful original production,” Variety reports. While the previous two seasons have aired at the end of the summer, there’s no word of an airdate or casting yet.

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