Zoila portrait sells for $10,500 after Jeff Lewis, Andy Cohen face off during Flipping Out’s reunion

The hideous painting of Jeff Lewis’ housekeeper Zoila Chavez that she called “ugly” was sold at auction for $10,500, and she’ll get to keep all of that.

The decision to auction off the painting was made on the Flipping Out reunion, which first aired last week. Although she appeared for just one segment, Zoila was again the star, revealing that Jeff introduced her to Tila Tequila’s reality show, and she also sang a bit of Kelis’ song “Milkshake.”

Reunion host Andy Cohen again tried to be the star, but failed, ending up looking like an ass. As an executive producer of Flipping Out and a Bravo executive, Cohen clearly has talent, but it is not on camera. Still, his failures as a host were met head-on by Jeff Lewis, which made the hour extraordinarily entertaining, so maybe I should just embrace Andy’s awfulness.

Anyway, Cohen’s strategy seemed to be to bait/flirt with Jeff throughout the reunion, but Cohen came off as an insolent child. “What’s happening with the lipstick?” he asked as Jeff applied lip balm. “It’s not lipstick, Andy, it’s ChapStick,” Jeff said, in his bemused but amused way.

Andy Cohen attempted to attribute most of his bitchy comments to some broad swath of anonymous viewers, an old journalistic trick designed to deflect blame for a confrontational question. He opened with “people are buzzing about concerning you … people really, this season, came out of this feeling like you were a little bit of a bastard.” Jeff looked surprised and said, “I think I’m less of an a-hole in this season,” which anyone who actually watched the show would know to be true.

Cohen then went on to confront him with this: “people [read: Andy Cohen] are still obsessed with your beauty regiment and your face, and your maintenance of your face.” That turned into a conversation about manscaping, and Jeff admitted trimming his underarm hair to avoid clumps of deodorant.

There was at least one surprising part: Andy actually managed to make it through one whole segment and a big chunk of the second without saying “BravoTV.com,” a remarkable achievement–which he quickly ruined by throwing out repeated references to his network’s shitty site.

There was one opportunity for cross-promotion that Andy should have jumped on but did not. Asked what celebrity’s house he’d like to renovate, Jeff Lewis said Kathy Griffin’s. “I’d love to get a hold of that house,” he said. If that sentence isn’t the start of the most fantastic spin-off/mini-series/cross-over arc in Bravo history, someone should lose their job.

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