Jennifer wins HGTV’s Design Star 3

After a viewer vote, Jennifer Bertrand defeated Matt Locke to become HGTV’s third Design Star.

Because no one at HGTV has apparently ever watched the two previous, identically bad finales that they aired. Last night’s finale was as dull as the previous two, and gave no time at all for Jennifer to do anything other than be covered in confetti.

The highlight of the long hour was when the editors gathered clips of designers saying the same thing over and over again (like Michael’s variants of “you’ve got to be kidding me”), but they did that during the first-season finale, too. Overall, the finale helped prove that the show, while compelling and engaging to watch, is still an inferior wannabe compared to its sibling network’s Next Food Network Star competition.

Mikey V. didn’t show up for the reunion and we were given no explanation at all, not even a clip of his work, nor any indication if he was absent due to his previous on-screen appearance or something entirely unrelated. However, the openly gay Hollywood, Fla., police officer “was placed on paid administrative leave” three weeks ago, Miami’s WPLG reported, following revelations that he’d done the gay bondage pornographic films.

At the time, his lawyer said, “My client has done nothing wrong. He has served the community of Hollywood with honor and distinction for over 10 years. The only reason someone would criticize my client is that he publicly has a different lifestyle.”

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