Dan Marino has been asked but isn’t “interested” in Dancing with the Stars

One celebrity on In Touch Magazine’s list of potential celebrity contestants for Dancing with the Stars 7 says that the list is incorrect and he will not be on the show.

Former Dolphin Dan Marino won’t participate, although he says he’s been asked all seven seasons. “They’ve asked him every year from the inception of the show, and he’s never done it. It’s just not something he’s interested in doing. It’s not a time commitment he’s willing to make,” his business manager Ralph Stringer told the Sun-Sentinel. Dan Quayle similarly said he was asked but said no.

Last season, In Touch said Marla Maples would participate; she did not. For season five, TMZ incorrectly insisted that five people would participate who never did. And this is now the third season that Florence Henderson is rumored to be part of. Maybe eventually she’ll just relent and go on the show to stop the incorrect rumors.

So do tabloid journalists feel like assholes after something they’ve made up or shoddily reported turns out to be not true? Or are they too busy chasing/making up the next fake story to even notice?

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