Big Brother’s Joshuah quit working at Abercrombie because of his blond highlights

Big Brother 9 moron houseguest Joshuah Welch became so famous from his time on the show that he was working at Abercrombie & Fitch in Dallas, training to be a manager, at least until he quit because his bosses didn’t like his blond highlights.

Joshuah told the Dallas Morning News that Abercrombie has “a hierarchy of hotness” and the store is “a cattle call and you are hired based on looks, not your ability to fold clothes or work with people.” So how the hell did he get hired?

However, Joshuah stood up for what he believes in and quit his job at the North Park Mall because his Abercrombie & Fitch bosses said he couldn’t keep his hair highlighted. “I need a job where I am appreciated for the work I do, not because I fit into their mold. I thought they had evolved, but they haven’t,” he said, referring to his previous work at an Abercrombie.

I’m not sure where he’ll find a job that appreciates him for being a mean, cruel, shit-stirring dumbass who is so stupid he thinks you can’t contract HIV from unprotected anal sex and admitted to genitalia-based cocaine use. Maybe CBS is hiring?

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