Steven’s sleeveless t-shirt auctioned for $1,075

Once they’re outside of the house, Big Brother houseguests seem to participate in three primary activities: blogging on MySpace, auctioning their stuff off on eBay to try to make the money they didn’t win on the show, and showing up to host challenges on new seasons of Big Brother. If they’re extremely lucky, they’ll show up on another reality show and get to remove a genital wart from a fellow cast member’s penis.

Except for the penis STD, these things aren’t necessarily specific to the cast members on the show, but it’s still all very pathetic. Apparently, though, at least one of those activities can be lucrative.

As an example, recent castoff Steven apparently sold a cutoff t-shirt he wore in the house for $1,075 on eBay. And with one day left to bid, his hat is going for more than $350, while another t-shirt is going for more than $500, and it has sleeves.

The money is going to the charity known as Steven, who proves that it’s him by writing in the items’ description, “This is really Steven from Big Brother 10.” He explains that he’ll use the money to buy himself a new vehicle. “If you are familiar with the show then you know that my truck blew up on the way to Big Brother and I am trying to raise money for a down payment on a new vehicle. If you would like a piece of TV history then bid on this item,” he wrote.

Original UT Shirt worn on Big Brother by Steven, Original UT Hat worn on Big Brother by Steven, and Original Lone Star Shirt worn on Big Brother by Steven [eBay]