Power switches in the Big Brother 10 house, ensuring it’ll stay the best season since BB6

After Thursday’s Big Brother 10 eviction episode, I was convinced that the vote would lead to alliance versus alliance drama, and it certainly did. Jerry’s lectures, whiny tirades, and oddly disproportionate animosity toward Dan were only the start of the drama, which included a ridiculous fight that wasn’t quite as involved as the last group fight, but was still pretty wild.

This season is, as far as I’m concerned, the best season since Big Brother 6. This group of houseguests is nowhere near as smart or complex as the season-six cast, and yes, there’s been some anti-Semitism, never mind how Ollie seems to be dropping the word “faggot” about as frequently as he ejaculates onto April.

Both of those are unforgivable (and, well, so is the last), but the group remains entertaining, unlike, say, Amber, who was barely watchable, especially when she was eating. The cast is kind of like naked mohawk-baby carrot jockeys: hysterical, entertaining, intriguing, and rather disturbing all at once.

April has firmly established herself as a villain, if only in her own mind; it’s impossible not to love to loathe someone who explained Keesha’s animosity toward her by saying, completely seriously, “It’s because I’m prettier than her.” On Tuesday, after winning a prize in the veto competition, she said, “It couldn’t have happened to probably a better person in the house.” Undoubtedly–if by “better person,” April, you mean “self-absorbed twit.”

Ollie and April might be getting dumber every time they have sex, as Ollie said in his goodbye message to Libra–who was voted out, despite an apparent attempt by April and Ollie to keep her–that Libra made a “selfish decision by going against April’s wishes.” They just seem so appalled that someone would act autonomously, and seem to be operating in some weird universe where the house obligated to follow the HOH. Along with Jerry and, to lesser degrees, most other people, they seem to hypocritically rely on the “it’s a game” excuse while getting more personally involved and hurt than ever before. Fascinating.

After the live HOH competition, the power in the house swung the other way, as the new HOH is, fantastically, Renny, who has already given us hours of entertainment. I’ll bet we’ll see April and Ollie on the block and one go home next week, which should make this yet another fantastic week.

Video: Ollie ollie ‘f*ggots’ free [Good As You]