Jessie evicted thanks to America’s vote

Because of America’s Player vote, Jessie was evicted from the Big Brother 10 house last night, which already created a significant rift in the house and set up alliance versus alliance, always the most fun form of the game.

It already had the effect of giving the HOH competitions much more significance, when Libra and Michelle–who are in opposite alliances–ended up as the last two in the HOH competition. Michelle won, prompting her alliance to start getting all hostile and angry already. April, Ollie, Jerry and Michelle are now facing off against Libra, Keesha, Renny, and Dan. It’s time to start hating some people, and any team with Renny is my team.

Teary-eyed Jessie, who could barely play Julie’s word-association game because he was so upset about the blindside, said, “I wasn’t surprised; it’s Dan. .. Apparently God wants me to do something else right now.” He dissed Dan by saying “kid doesn’t even go to church on Sunday and he’s Catholic.” Jessie will apparently learn that Dan was America’s Player this morning on The Early Show. And in between church visits, he can now go back to working out, napping, and selling his video The Strengthnet Workout: Ward & Jessie.

Jessie’s eviction means the end of the one-week return of America’s Player, and it actually didn’t suck quite as much as it could have, since it had a major effect in the house. Of course, Dan probably would have voted that way anyway, but since he probably wouldn’t have hugged Jessie for 17 seconds after fake crying his way through an obviously fake sob story about missing his girlfriend, at least we got some entertainment out of it.