Fight and f-word gives Big Brother 10 its highest ratings yet

Tuesday’s episode of Big Brother 10, with its spectacularly entertaining fight, gave the show its highest ratings of the season.

Overall, 6.4 million viewers watched, which is still less than the 7.3 million who watched ABC’s Wipeout‘s recap episode, but represents “a season high” for CBS’ series according to Variety. Last night, for Jessie’s surprise eviction, ratings fell a bit to 6.18 million viewers, TV By the Numbers reports.

On Tuesday, Libra apparently said the word “fucking” during her argument with Jessie, and it was broadcast without being censored. That’s one of my favorite words, and I watched the episode but didn’t even notice, because what Libra’s saying is virtually unintelligible, and she ends up screaming something that sounds like, “Memphis was in the uckin room.” (Watch it again; it’s at the very end of this clip, just after the 10:00 mark.)

Of course, the Parents Television Council, never missing an opportunity to inject themselves into the news, is upset, saying in a press release that “[t]here is absolutely no justification for allowing an ‘F-word’ like this to air unedited on prime time broadcast television. There can be no question that this was an intentional act on the part of the network; someone actually had to edit the scene with the word into the show.”

I’m the last person on the planet to defend Big Brother‘s producers, but I can’t imagine they would have done that deliberately, since they bleeped every other word. Like most of the world, they probably just didn’t hear it. And I have to wonder why the PTC people, who have such sensitive ears, are listening so closely. Besides, what fucking parent lets kids who are too young and innocent to hear the f-word watching fucking Big Brother? Fuck.

Anyway, in case you missed Tuesday’s episode, or just want to see it again, CBS uploaded the video of the most pathetic rendition of “Happy Birthday” ever sung on television, which is followed by the continuation of the fight:

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