Kevin Covais stars in R-rated College, says he’d date Paula Abdul, doesn’t “have a whole lot of shame”

A few weeks ago, I saw Tropic Thunder, and perhaps the most shocking thing I saw that day in the theater was a drunk girl going down on American Idol 5‘s teenage finalist Kevin Covais. A friend turned to me and said, “Is that…?” “It can’t be,” I replied–but no, there was Kevin’s name in the credits of the trailer we’d just watched.

It’s for College, a movie that opens today, and looks pretty damn awful, the kind of movie that isn’t even worth watching on TV for free. It stars Drake Bell, and Kevin plays one of three high school friends who goes on a campus visit for a weekend and encounter the fictional version of college life that doesn’t actually exist except when misguided people try to replicate stereotype-perpetuating shit like this. Anyway, I haven’t seen the movie so I’ll stop judging it based on the trailer now. (Watch it and judge for yourself below.)

It’s surprising to see Kevin, who’s now 19, get excited about the possibility of oral sex because it’s so contrary to his image on the show. He made the top 12 during American Idol 5, and was nicknamed Chicken Little by Paris Bennett, after the Disney CGI character. He was the nice, young guy who was quickly voted out of the top 12, although not before being molested by Paula Abdul, who pinched his cheeks.

However, Kevin’s a lot cooler than his time on the show would suggest. “This is a movie I’d go see with my friends. I don’t have a whole lot of shame, believe it or not,” he told the New York Daily News. As to his image from the show, he said, “I don’t take offense at anything — I’ve learned not to take things so seriously.”

He’s recently filmed a movie with Lindsay Lohan, who he said “was an absolute pleasure to work with. But it was my first encounter with the paparazzi ever. The same five guys would be there every day. Then one day, one of them even recognized me: ‘There’s that little kid from “Idol”!'”

Speaking of that “little kid,” the paper asked him about Paula Abdul, who he hasn’t had contact with but–and here’s perhaps the most shocking part–is interested in. “If she called me, I’d want to go see her,” he said. “But I don’t know about anything like that.”

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