Mole 2’s Bill says Mole producers “are coming out with a campaign to keep the mole from being executed”

The actual mole from The Mole 2 has posted to his blog that the season that’s currently airing is in danger of being cancelled by ABC, which already preempted the show last Monday for The Bachelorette‘s reunion.

Bill McDaniel wrote on his blog that “Scott Stone and Clay Newbill, producers of the Mole, are coming out with a campaign to keep the mole from being executed…by ABC.” He said they’d launch a web site,, “today or tomorrow” (meaning Wednesday or Thursday), but as of Friday morning, the site is still protected by a username and password, and thus no content is visible.

Bill also said that he “will be posting their letter to the viewers on this web site” and has “gladly made some videos for them to post on their web site to push the effort to keep the Mole alive past this season.”

That seems to suggest the campaign is about renewal rather than preventing the series from being pulled mid-season, which is probably unlikely since the whole thing has been shot, even though it’s suffering from low ratings.

“Save the Mole” [Musings of the Mole]