Audrina Patridge discusses the differences between her real life and her fake Hills life

To support today’s release of The Hills third season on DVD, Audrina Patridge talked to the L.A. Times, and ends up making the show seem even faker. Essentially, big parts of her life seem constructed for the show, as if she’s some kind of weird puppet.

Here’s how she answered the paper’s simple question, “Is Lauren your friend?”: “We live together, so yeah, we see each other a lot while the show is taping. Sometimes I see her when it’s not,” Audrina said. Of course, that doesn’t answer the question, and the first sentence suggests that they only live together when the show is in production.

She’s then asked if she’s friends with Lauren outside of the show, and she said, “We don’t have a lot of the same friends, but we try to reserve one night a week to hang out. In the fourth season, you’ll see our fight gets cleared up.” Who talks about their friendships in terms of seasons?

Later, when asked if she works at Epic Records, she said, “I don’t work as much there as I used to. It’s definitely not how it used to be when the series started.” Again, there she goes defining her life as part of the show. Asked what her title is, she said, “You know, I don’t know my title. I help out with anything. I help out with artists every now and then, making sure they’re taken care of. I also do some A&R, listen to demos. But I’m really focusing on acting.”

Once again, this is profoundly confusing and intriguing. Her answer sounds like she either means she’s acting while at work (and thus focused on it), or focused on her real job that’s not working at Epic. However, she does have a real acting gig lined up, as she’s in the Into the Blue sequel.

About that, she said, “It’s so different from a reality show because I have lines to memorize.” We already knew that The Hills is a fake reality show, but that it’s so similar to a scripted Hollywood movie is almost as amusing as Audrina’s fake life.

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