Reality stars “consider it an honor” to be on The Soup

In perhaps the least surprising news ever, the reality stars mocked on E!’s weekly wrap-up show The Soup aren’t humiliated or ashamed, but sometimes beg the show to include them.

Executive producer Ed Boyd told TV critics in Los Angeles yesterday that “especially the reality stars … almost consider it an honor that we show their clip on the show. And they contact us via our MySpace page, or they get through to the operator, and they want to come on the show. So that’s interesting.” Executive producer K.P. Anderson added, “we’ve been very lucky that the publicity whores that we make fun of are truly publicity whores and really like it.”

Specifically, host Joel McHale said “we heard from Buckwild, one of Flavor Flav’s contestants. She really wanted to be on the show.” He also said that the Kardashians, who have a series on E!, are particularly fond of the show despite its criticism of them. “I ran into the Kardashians, and I thought they were going to jump me,” he said. “And they said they love the show. And I was like, ‘I’ve called you dead behind the eyes, like, 300 times.'”

For someone who appears on TV to just be reading (only occasionally funny, punchline-driven lines that tend to be eclipsed by the clip itself) off a teleprompter, McHale was surprisingly funny in person. Asked if he’d ever met Tyra Banks, he said, “I only have had contact with a few of her wigs. And they were in a band. They were on tour. No, I have not met Tyra. She is a foot-and-a-half taller than me, so I can’t come face-to-face with her. But, no, I have not seen her yet. And I have no idea what she’s going to do. I can’t — my guess is she’ll start talking about herself.”