Project Runway 6 is now casting via Craigslist; Lifetime casting for arranged marriage show

Project Runway 6 has begun casting for its November debut on Lifetime. Ads have appeared on Craigslist sites across the country asking for applications, as Blogging Project Runway discovered.

The ads are ridiculously brief, saying things like, “Phoenix fashion designers: Project Runway is now casting,” “If you are interested in applying for the 6th installment of this hit series, please submit the following information,” or “Are you a designer who has what it takes to make it on Season 6 of Project Runway?”

There’s a e.mail address and a list of information to include, including a photo and bio; the e.mail address is for David Shumsky, who IMDB says cast NBC’s Age of Love. The ads have appeared on Craigslist sites for Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle, and possibly other cities.

Clearly, the Weinstein Company is sparing no expense and burning through their $1 million an episode with these free Craigslist postings.

Ironically, Craigslist is also hosting casting announcements from Magical Elves–the company that quit Project Runway before its sixth, Lifetime-hosted season–for a project that will air on Lifetime. It’s casting for The One, and is “looking for people
who are willing to become television pioneers and have their loved ones pick their partner for them,” according to the ad. The e.mail address to respond explains it all: arrangedmarriage (at) magicalelves (dot) com.

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