Bravo says it is trying to “protect the secrecy” of Project Runway 5 by ignoring it before the debut

It’s one week until Project Runway 5 debuts, and essentially all we know is that the show is debuting, thanks to some lame promos featuring previous cast members, and that the show is moving to Lifetime next season.

Is that why Bravo is essentially ignoring the show?

And even though its stars talked up the new season to Entertainment Weekly, everyone’s favorite outlet for promoting their shows, Bravo really does seem to have largely forgotten the show. Besides the lack of promos, The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan notes that it’s “[e]ven more strange” that “[w]e won’t even be finding out who the Season 5 contestants are until Monday — two days before the season premiere.”

A network representative told her that the silence is to “protect the secrecy” of the final season, but that’s also the opposite of what they’ve done for the previous four seasons.

Ryan links to Project Rungay’s speculation that Bravo has given up because the show is leaving the network: “Why should they spend money promoting a brand that’s fleeing to another network? It could well be that they’re just finishing out their contract and not putting much effort into it. We can’t blame them for that, but we really hope that’s not the case.”

With Bravo ignoring the series and Lifetime apparently fumbling it (like the fact that they’re not doing open calls), it seems like–emphasis on the speculation and cynicism–the show’s star may be fading.

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