Rami Kashou was attacked at a bar and is recovering from injuries to his face

Project Runway 4 runner-up Rami Kashou was injured when he was hit in the face with a bottle at a bar last Thursday night, according to several blog reports. The incident sounds familiar to something that happened to Top Chef 2 contestant Marcel, who was hit in the face with a bottle at a bar.

Blogging Project Runway confirmed the reports, calling it “an unprovoked attack” and saying “the perpetrator is in jail.” According to the site, which talked to Rami, he “went to the hospital for treatment and is now home and recovering. He was struck with a beer bottle in the face, injuring the side of his forehead and his nose. The police were there within minutes to arrest the attacker and to collect witness reports. Paramedics also responded instantly and took Rami to the hospital.” Rami “says that this will not slow him down in any way.”

Earlier, a person at The Abbey, a gay bar in West Hollywood, told Queerty that Rami “was on the receiving end of a martini glass to the face. After a brief scuffle, the guy who threw the glass was dragged out by security and Rami, drenched from head to toe in blood, left by ambulance.” The site has no other information, but does take the opportunity to trivialize it with some kind of lame-ass self-referential joke, because no blog post is complete without that, including stories about people being attacked and injured.

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