Tim Gunn wasn’t paid for Project Runway’s first season, made $2,500 an episode for season two

Tim Gunn was paid just $2,500 an episode for season two of Project Runway, but that’s a lot more than the zero dollars he received for the show’s first season. That’s according to Harvey Weinstein, who said that in court as part of his testimony in the pending lawsuit over the show’s sixth season, according to The New York Daily News’ Rush & Molloy.

For his trouble, Tim was threatened with an injunction when he tried to mention the show in his book. Of course, Tim had a full-time job during the show’s first season, as he was working at Parsons at the time, and last year got poached by Liz Claiborne. Still, he’s indisputably the show’s breakout star, and the cheap bastards at Bravo and the Weinstein Company should be ashamed.

Also in testimony revelations, NBC Universal’s Jeff Zucker “was questioned under oath about an e-mail he’d sent telling Bravo execs to show marathon reruns of ‘Project Runway’ in the same time slot that Lifetime plans to air the new show’s season in November,” according to the Daily News. “He was proud of the plan, explaining, ‘I’m a competitive guy.'”

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