Conrad Riggs sues Mark Burnett for $70 million

Conrad Riggs, the co-executive producer with Mark Burnett on shows such as The Apprentice and The Contender, in addition to crappier shows like The Casino and The Restaurant, is suing Burnett for $70 million.

He is “accusing Burnett of breaching their partnership agreement and demanding more than $70 million in damages,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, and “contends that Burnett has reneged on their 10-year-old oral agreement to share all revenue 90-10.” In addition, Riggs says “Burnett stopped payments and cut Riggs’ access to financial information about his businesses in February 2007, and Riggs was evicted from Mark Burnett Prods.’ offices a year later,” according to the paper.

Why sue now? Perhaps because Burnett may sell his company for more than a quarter of a billion dollars. And this lawsuit, THR says, “would be a hurdle in closing such a deal, so Riggs might get a quick settlement.”

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