Report: Celebrity Rehab may spin-off Sober Living

With the new group of celebrities out of Celebrity Rehab, they’re faced with whether or not to spend time in a sober living facility.

According to the New York Post, producers are looking to create a spin-off of the show that follows would “put a number of ‘Celebrity Rehab’ alumni together in a luxurious Beverly Hills mansion for 30 days while they try to rebuild their careers without drugs and alcohol.” The paper claims Dr. Drew would take part, and “[f]ilming on the show could begin as early as next week, although VH1 has yet to give the project a thumbs up.”

While following the celebrity cast post-rehab would be a logical next step, and the spin-off certainly sounds plausible, the New York Post’s story literally cites zero sources. There isn’t even a mention of any vague, mysterious, anonymous “sources”; the only external piece of information is a paraphrased refusal from VH1 to comment.

Is this what journalism has come to? No sources at all? Do we really place such blind faith in media organizations like the New York Post to deliver information that needs no external verification? Do we simply not care where information comes from any more, whether or not it’s true, as long as it’s salacious, titillating, wishful thinking, or just somewhat plausible? Unfortunately, I think I know the answer.

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