Kimberly Caldwell will host, Gene Simmons will judge now-delayed CBS series Jingles

Jingles, the upcoming product placement-as-competition series that’s being produced by Mark Burnett, will not air on CBS this summer. While it was scheduled to debut July 27, it’s been held back “indefinitely” because executives “felt they haven’t had enough time to promote” it, TV Week reports.

However, CBS has just announced that Kimberly Caldwell, the co-host of TV Guide Network’s Reality Chat and former American Idol finalist, will host the show. It’s a serious step up for her, and will probably be a complete trainwreck.

In addition, entertainingly obnoxious and extremely overexposed star Gene Simmons will judge the show, CBS announced, along with “advertising and marketing gurus Linda Kaplan Thaler and Julie Roehm,” i.e., two people you’ve never heard of. However, you have heard their work. Kaplan, according to CBS, is responsible for “I’m a Toys ‘R’ Us kid” jingle, while Roehm came up with Dodge’s “Grab life by the horns” tagline.

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