Jerry and Renny create montage magic

Until last Tuesday, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d laughed out loud at something that happened on a Big Brother episode. For most of the past few seasons, I’ve been consumed with some degree of disgust, hatred, or boredom, and thus even when something funny happens, I’m busy actively trying to manifest a sinkhole in the house’s back yard. But thanks to Jerry’s gravely voice and some ridiculously cheesy lines that he read as host of the challenge on last Tuesday’s episode, I was hyperventilating after just a few repeats of two of his phrases: “Beep beep!” and “Honk.” The beeps were so abrupt and unnecessarily harsh that they were just this side of frightening. And he dragged out the middle of “honk” for an abnormally long time: “Hoooooonkk.” It’s may be the best reality TV DVR moment since Michelle fell on Survivor Fiji, as it begs to be replayed. Combine Jerry’s voice with Renny’s–she’s fond of shouting every absurd word she says–and you have the comic gold that is this remix video created by B-Side Blog’s Ben. There’s just a confluence of great elements this season, and a few of them are evident here. Watch it three times, and if you’re not crying or peeing by then, there’s probably something wrong with you.

MARY! ST. JOSEPH! It’s a Renny and Jerry Montage! [B-Side Blog]