Big Brother 10 cast includes a 75-year-old

The cast of Big Brother 10 will be officially unveiled on The Early Show Tuesday morning, so Julie Chen and company can have an audience for at least one day, but the reality series’ executive producer has already confirmed the identities of two cast members: a 75-year-old great grandfather, the show’s oldest contestant ever, and a body builder who’s 22.

While she’s previously bragged about how wild and extreme the new cast is, Allison Grodner now tells Entertainment Weekly that this is “the most diverse cast we’ve ever had in terms of ages, backgrounds, points of view, and personalities.”

She also promises a 180-degree change from the last miserable season. “Big Brother 9 involved couples, singles, and soul mates who were young, single, impulsive, and ready to party. We do a 180 with Big Brother 10. This summer you’re going to find a 22-year-old body builder and a 75-year-old great grandpa in the house, and everyone else in between. We’ve had diversity of age in past, but he’s clearly the oldest contestant we’ve ever had,” she said. As she has previously promised, no one in the house knows one another.

If you can’t wait until Tuesday morning, or can’t bear to watch The Early Show until whenever they get around to the cast announcement, Reality BBQ has posted a cast list that it says is “not fake,” and that explains this season will have “a slightly conservative vs. liberal angle.” That list does include 75-year-old Jerry, so that’s one right.

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