Busty Heart’s talent of breaking objects with her breasts is uncensored online

If you have any questions as to why America’s Got Talent 3 is the summer’s number-one show, Tuesday night, look no further than Tuesday’s episode, when a 46-year-old woman showed up and broke objects with her breasts. This was possible because her breasts are approximately the size of a Smart Car.

However, NBC’s censors decided against actually showing her actual talent. We got to see Busty Heart’s breasts (clothed), but not her breasts breaking things, specifically some cans and some boards. Sue Sykes (that’s her real name) was rejected by the judges, although David Hasselhoff told her, “If you were on Baywatch, we would have lasted another 11 years.”

I think she missed the mark: Her real talent is just been standing up straight, and/or not having to have constant back surgery.

This is not the first time she’s done this on television, nor is she newly famous. According to her web site, which includes really uncensored photos of her greatest asset, she “appeared on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ and on ‘The Man Show’ on Comedy Central, where she busted beer cans with her breasts.” Earlier, she became “sort of a cult hero in Boston” and “became synonymous with [Larry] Bird’s best Celtics teams,” according to the Olean Times Herald.

Anyway, thanks to YouTube–and to NBC’s web site–her talent is now available for the whole world to see. The full, censored segment that aired Tuesday is online, and here’s the uncensored clip of her breasts smashing things:

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