WGA will hold event at Idol auditions

American Idol 8 starts its eight-city audition tour Thursday, and they’ll have company: protesters from the WGA.

Variety reports that “the Writers Guild of America is renewing its push to organize reality shows by targeting ‘American Idol.'” In San Francisco, the group will stage “the version [of American Idol] they don’t want you to see,” the WGA told members.

According to Variety, a “note to supporters said the WGA will pay for transportation and lodging for anyone able to go to San Francisco, even if they are not members.” That will follow a Wednesday press conference in Los Angeles that’s the start of its Truth Tour.

The Writers Guild has been working for years to unionize reality show workers, sometimes not very successfully. Last fall, they insisted they hadn’t given up their campaign, although ultimately, while representation was an issue during the strike, the WGA ultimately dropped reality representation from its demands.

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