Tila Tequila gets rejected; MTV says we “haven’t heard the last of Tila”

A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila 2 ended last night with–surprise, surprise!–a shot at A Shot of Love 3. That’s because Tila was rejected by her choice, Kristy, after rejecting the other finalist, Bo.

During the quasi-dramatic final scene, Tila asked, “Are you interested?” Kristy said, “I’m really not ready for this. I can’t take it.” Tila angled for an Emmy by forcing tears out. “Why would you do that to me? … I feel humiliated. … I really wanted love.” Yeah, right. I feel more genuine emotion for strangers when I see electrocuted squirrels lying on the street.

Later, Tila said, “Why? What am I doing wrong? I don’t know why I keep getting my heart broken,” apparently forgetting that as a famewhore, that’s exactly what she wants. Bring on season three.

Speaking of, MTV’s Remote Control blog all but suggests there will be a third season, saying, “Will there be a Shot at Love 3? That’s classified info for now, but we can say you haven’t heard the last of Tila Tequila!”

A reunion will air Tuesday, and previews show Tila saying, “You’re a fake bitch.” Kristy calls Tila on her hypocrisy, sort of, saying, “What goes around comes around.”

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