Joey: “I failed to realize that Real World is known for getting bombed all the time”

Real World Hollywood cast member Joey Kovar checked himself into rehab earlier during the season, and although he returned, he decided to leave the house because his roommates’ lack of support. However, executive producer Jim Johnston told the Chicago Sun-Times, “We’re not done with him yet.” In other words, he’ll be back.

Joey is the second person to leave the house this season, although Greg was fired and left involuntarily. Meanwhile, the producers forced two other cast members to take anger management classes. Oh, and the cast is doing improv because they are very different from previous casts with their career goals and all.

Joey now says that he’s glad to have gone on the show, but he signed up without knowing what he was getting into. “I failed to realize that Real World is known for getting bombed all the time,” he told Us Weekly, which probably means he’s never watched the show, because seriously, how could you not know that? As to his departure, he says, “All the roommates had promised, ‘Oh we’re gonna change if you come back [from a stint in rehab].’ It was just a bunch of b.s. ’cause nothing changed.”

Still, he doesn’t regret the experience. “If I didn’t go to rehab, if I didn’t get on the Real World, what would have happened? Would I have stayed clean then? Everything happens for a reason.” He details his history to the magazine, including his cocaine, ecstasy, and steroid usage, in addition to his 2006 attempted suicide. The magazine reports that he “is now working as a personal trainer” and “has been sober since September.”

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