Matt Grant says he’s marrying Shayne next week

Bachelor 12 star Matt Grant said he’s marrying Shayne Lamas next week in Las Vegas, although he may have just been screwing with TMZ and/or the paparazzo who shot the video.

The paparazzo catches Matt smoking on the street, and Matt, annoyed, says, “Can you not film me smoking a cigarette?” The paparazzo asks, “So when’s the big day?” and Matt looks up into the air–a sign that he’s making it up and lying?–and says, “Next week. Las Vegas. Where Elvis got married.”

Shayne starts laughing, another sign that he’s probably just kidding, and tries to slip away, but the creepy paparazzo–are there any other kind?–turns “beautiful” into a noun and calls her that. The video soon cuts to a one-on-one with Matt, where he’s asked if he’s marrying Shayne to get a green card. Matt says that he didn’t about five different times. “I love the States, but just for the record, I did not do this for a green card,” he said.

Perhaps the one thing that the brief on-the-street interview does reveal is that Matt and Shayne are still together, surprisingly enough.