Omarosa leads list of top 10 reality villains

TV Guide has named the top 10 reality TV villains, and it’s led by Omarosa. While some of those in the magazine’s list definitely deserve the honors, I fear that naming them villains just fuels their villainy and makes them think we care all over again, instead of just encouraging them to go away forever.

Some choices, though, come across like desperate attempts to find current examples or just seem lazy, because while Top Chef 4‘s Lisa was annoying, she’s in no way a villain. Half of the cast members on MTV’s Challenge shows–none of whom make an appearance on the list–are a thousand times more villainous than she’ll ever be.

TV Guide, apparently having resigned itself to its post-sale and post-Ausiello death, hasn’t bothered to put the list on its web site, so here’s Fishbowl LA’s reproduction of it, which includes the magazine’s arguments. And here’s the list itself:

  1. Omarosa, The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice
  2. Jonathan Baker, The Amazing Race 6
  3. Jonny Fairplay, Survivor Pearl Island and Survivor Micronesia
  4. Puck, Real World San Francisco
  5. Trish Schneider, The Bachelor 5
  6. Lisa Fernandes, Top Chef 4
  7. Spencer Pratt, The Hills
  8. Wendy Pepper, Project Runway
  9. Ramona Singer, The Real Housewives of New York City
  10. Lisa D’Amato, America’s Next Top Model 5
TV Guide Proves Summer Is Here [FishbowlLA]