John de Mol offering cash, producing roles for reality TV show ideas on Talapa Creative

If you’ve ever had an idea for a reality show and haven’t known what to do with it, Big Brother‘s creator is now accepting pitches for new show concepts. Considering that half of the reality shows produced for cable or broadcast networks today seem to have been pulled out of someone’s ass while they were drunk, like the new puking show, or are just blatant rip-offs, this might not be a half-bad way to generate new ideas.

John de Mol has started a new web site,, on which users must “send in at least two non-scripted ideas per month to retain membership” but will be paid “in excess of $50,000″ if their idea is produced, while $500 goes to “the most creative and active member” every month.

De Mol told Variety that those with selected ideas will be active in the production of the show, but that level of involvement and financial compensation “depends on the state of the idea — is it a one-liner? A one pager with some structure? That will determine our option price in the beginning. At the end of the day, they will still remain on board with a certain percentage as co-owner,” he said.

“If someone brings us the next Big Brother or Deal or No Deal, yes, it could mean millions. I don’t think we should cap it,” he told USA TODAY. “Everybody watches TV. Everybody has an idea about TV. A doorman or waitress can have a good idea. We’re looking for the next big thing.”

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