Amy Finley said no to a second season of her Food show in part due to blogger “attacks”

Amy Finley, the winner of Next Food Network Star 3, got her own show, but turned down an offer to produce more episodes. The Gourmet Next Door aired six episodes, but it is now finished–in part due to “vicious” attacks from bloggers.

In an interview on the network’s site, Amy said, “I will not be back for another season. The producers offered me more shows, but with my family I decided it was time to move on to other projects. The lifestyle and obligations of a television personality — including cultivating the thick skin it takes to survive the harsh criticism and vicious personal attacks mounted by bloggers — just aren’t compatible with my goals or my family at this time.”

Amy, who’s now writing a column for Bon Appetit magazine and living in France (she’ll return to San Diego this fall), said her show “was a learning experience. I was very nervous and also continuously plagued by a sense of guilt that I shouldn’t be there, and it made getting through the filming at times very difficult. I’m also my own worst critic and I wanted to do a great job, to earn the honor that had been given to me instead of another one of the extremely deserving and qualified NFNS3 cast members.”

She said that while “[i]t’s very, very, very hard,” she says, “I had a wonderful time. I pushed myself, I was proud of what I accomplished, and I think I succeeded in my mission, which was to share the love I have for French food with people and to teach them about cooking.”

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