Rumored cast for Celebrity Rehab 2 includes Nikki McKibbin, Aaron Carter, Heidi Fleiss

VH1 renewed its hit, horrifying series Celebrity Rehab, and the second season is apparently starting production this week. Until VH1 officially announces the cast, or they’re spotted being filmed, however, we have just rumors and reports about who will be participating, some of which have already been denied.

Rumored cast members include Rod Stewart’s son Sean Stewart, Heidi Fleiss, Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach, according to The New York Post. The Post also says that “Dennis Rodman has also been approached about appearing on the show, but has yet to commit, according to production sources.”

Sebastian Bach, however, told, “[those reports are] 100 percent wrong. I am not doing that show.”

Aaron Carter is also reportedly participating, and his brother has apparently confirmed that, although indirectly. Nick Carter, being the awesome brother that he is, issued a press release saying, “Unfortunately there have been some confusing reports of my joining VH1’s ‘Celebrity Rehab’ which are not true. I am currently finishing up a sold out, world wide tour with the Backstreet Boys and last night played to 17,000 London Fans! I am coming back to the US, not for ‘Celebrity Rehab,’ but to begin the US BSB Tour! I am not sure of my brother’s career movements, but whatever they are I wish him the best.”

In other words: No one is really confusing us, but I just had to take this opportunity to say that my life is awesome and if my brother is going to rehab, I’m too busy with my awesome, awesome career to have been able to call him to ask.

First-season American Idol finalist Nikki McKibbin is also reportedly appearing. L.A. Rag Mag says she “was shooting a segment for the new season of Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab show for VH1″ on Saturday, when she was “boozing it up for cameras” at The Abbey.

One person who is definitely not participating is first-season participant and American Idol alum Jessica Sierra. While she requested permission from a judge to take part in the second season, her attorney “withdrew his request, saying VH1 had an unidentified change in production … [t]hat makes Sierra’s request to appear before the cameras ‘moot,'” The Tampa Tribune reports.

Late last month, Steven Tyler reportedly into the Pasadena Recovery Center, where the show is filmed, but is not, apparently, part of the show.

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