David Archuleta contractually prohibited from having a charity concert in Utah

David Archuleta was going to hold a “thank you” concert Friday in Salt Lake City, but it has been cancelled because he’s contractually prohibited from having his own concert, probably because it competes directly with the American Idol 7 tour that will visit the very same venue next month.

KUTV reports that “Archuleta’s agent — Roger Widynowski — said there would be no concert due to contractural obligations between the 17-year-old and American Idol.” He “said that the Murray High School student simply could not appear at the non-American Idol sanctioned event.”

Among those obligations are the top 10’s tour, which starts the very next day, on Saturday, and it will play two dates in Salt Lake City–at the exact same venue as the now-cancelled Friday event. In other words, someone tried to schedule a competing concert. Who could that be?

David’s dad, Jeff Archuleta, told the Salt Lake Tribune, “They’re just going to reschedule the event for a later time. When all the minds met, everyone concluded this wouldn’t work out for this particular weekend, and they just want to reschedule it for toward the middle or the end of the [‘American Idol’ summer] tour.”

Jeff said it was going to be a “fireside chat with David” because “[t]his is the only chance he’s going to get to just thank people, and it seemed appropriate to do so.” Dude, besides the fact that he’ll have two damn concerts to thank Utah in July, David already achieved his lifetime quota of saying “thank you” during the show, and now he needs to never ever say it again, especially not with that tragic beaten dog look on his face.

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