Miami Ink ending after three seasons because its stars are upset with the network

TLC’s workplace drama Miami Ink will end after its fourth season, which is currently airing, concludes. Its stars, Ami James and Chris Nuñez, “declined to extend Discovery Communications’ option to order more episodes of the TLC show after the network delayed signing them on for another season,” and “no talks are under way to shoot more episodes of their lives as South Beach tattoo artists,” The Miami Herald reports.

The stars were upset with the way their show was promoted, especially after it switched nights this season. “We weren’t happy with the way we were treated. I will never work for Discovery again,” James told the paper. (Discovery owns TLC.) Still, he relies on the show to help market his business. “We’ve been on the air for 81 episodes. That’s three years. We’re in 161 countries. I definitely have enough marketing to last me a long time,” he said, noting that “There might be a TV project and there might be a movie project. We always had bigger ideas than Miami Ink. Miami Ink was kind of like of going to school.”

The paper suggests that the show’s spin-off, L.A. Ink, starring Kat Von Drachenberg, might be to blame, as its debut had “twice the audience as the original and set a TLC ratings record for reality programming,” although “TLC has not released recent ratings of the two shows.”

The network said in a statement, “we have not decided what we will be doing with the Miami Ink franchise in the future.” Original Media’s Charlie Corwin also didn’t know if there’s a future for the show, and said, the ratings are “not as high as it has been in the past, it’s not as low as it has been in the past.”

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