Gretta Monahan will be Tim Gunn’s new Guide to Style co-host

With Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style co-host Veronica Webb out for the second season of the makeover show, it seemed like Bravo might be abandoning its misguided thinking that Tim can’t handle a show on his own. But today the network announced that it has hired a new co-host for Tim: “fashion expert, personal stylist and [spa] owner” Gretta Monahan.

She “will accompany style-challenged women on shopping challenges, while guiding their choices, supporting them and listening to and offering solutions for their concerns,” and will “contribute her opinions, share her fashion knowledge, and support Gunn while he focuses on the big picture of each subject’s transformation,” according to Bravo.

In the press release, Tim said, “I’ve been a fan of Gretta’s for awhile now – she’s on the edge of fashion with a fresh approach that resonates well with all types of women. I’m thrilled to have her as my fashion accomplice.”

All of that seems to set her up a little bit more like a sidekick than a co-host, a slightly different approach from last May, when Bravo said Veronica Webb would be Tim’s “style counterpart” who’d “add a little sass to his class.” Clearly, Tim doesn’t need sass, he just needs a network to believe in him.

Bravo Taps Gretta Monahan as “Fashion Accomplice”… [Bravo press release]