ABC slowly releases details about new Mole

ABC’s strategy to generate interest in the highly anticipated return of The Mole seems to be to drip out a little bits of information at a time. Since March, the network has been flashing the show’s logo at the end of promos for other shows, although now they’re finally airing a real promo.

In a press release last week, ABC revealed four cast members’ names and “mini-bios,” which are also on ABC’s web site, along with video introductions to each contestant. Four more contestants were revealed today.

Because of the show’s tendency to plant clues (although very, very dumb ones during the first two seasons), fans are watching for hints that may reveal the mole’s identity. One contestant’s video ends with a flash of “the Mole was here,” which seems to be so obvious that it can’t possibly mean anything. Others have suggested that the backgrounds in the contestants’ photos may be significant. Even so, it’s highly unlikely that producers would be dumb enough to reveal the show’s biggest secret this early in the game with something so obvious.

By the way, consistent with ABC’s stupid, stubborn refusal to number or name its reality show seasons–meaning they all share, among other things, identical URLs at the network’s unbelievably crappy web site, so past seasons of, say, The Bachelor just disappear–the show’s return is just being called The Mole. Until they give it a proper title, I’m calling it The Mole 3, because I stubbornly refuse to count the two celebrity seasons.

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