Matt on his relationship with Shayne: “All things considered we are doing really well”

The newest Bachelor couple, and one of two that’s still together, is still together now that their show is over and pictures of the chosen woman have ended up in Girls Gone Wild.

The photos, which appeared in Girls Gone Wild magazine, don’t bother Matt. “As we English say, I really feel it was ‘a storm in a teacup.’ I believe it was blown out of all proportion. I stand by Shayne 110 percent,” he told People.

Following the revelation that Matt chose Shayne Lamas during the finale, he says they are now living together, and that rumors make them laugh. “We sit down together and just laugh off all the ridiculous stories that get thrown our way. All things considered we are doing really well,” he said.

He added, however, “We have the normal pressures of any couple, but then we have even more added pressures being that we are a reality TV couple, and that I’m leaving my life, friends and family in England to be with her.”

That loud ticking noise you hear? It’s The Official Bachelor Relationship Death Watch clock.

The Bachelor Winner Poses For Girls Gone Wild Magazine and Bachelor Matt Grant Stands By His Fiancee [People]