Flavor Flav proposes to Liz, the mother of one of his kids

On the reunion of the final episode of Flavor of Love 3, which is the final season of his series, Flavor Flav proposed to a woman, but not to one who appeared on any season of the show, thereby officially rendering the entire thing to be a charade, if an occasionally enjoyable one. He revealed that he broke up with Thing 2 to start dating Liz, his youngest (and eighth) child’s mother, and he proposed to her.

Flavor admits on VH1’s blog that he knew Liz was the right woman for him during the second season, meaning that it and season three were pointless, and explaining how he could so confidently say that season three would be his last. “Honestly, I kinda realized it around Flavor of Love 2, but we had to get past Flavor of Love 3. You know what I’m sayin’ and the whole 9? Definitely, man. This [gestures to Liz] is something to realize here,” he said.

As if to rub it in even more, he said, “People really thought that Flav couldn’t find love. That’s not true, because I had love all along.” But Flavor does credit the series with helping him realize he should stick with the mother of his child, rather than a floor-shitting face-spitting attention whore. “It took me to do this show to really, really realize yes, I’m right and I’m gonna stick with my son and his mom,” he said. “None of the girls, out of all 65, had qualities like Liz.”

For her part, Liz says that watching him go through these dating games was difficult. “It’s hard seeing someone you love on TV looking for love, especially when I knew that he had love. I was the one. … I’ve watched some of the shows, but it’s real tough. You never want to see someone you love on TV with other women.”

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