Nigel Lythgoe concerned about ringers on Dancing with the Stars, but not American Idol

Paula Abdul is still considering being a competitor on Dancing with the Stars 7 this fall, maybe, but her American Idol executive producer doesn’t like the idea because of how unfair it would be.

News that Paula was interested came in late March from Tom Bergeron, and Paula now confirms that she’s considering the show, sort of. “I’m hypothetically thinking about it,” she told In Touch Weekly. Doesn’t she pretty much hypothetically think about everything? Because her brain seems so disengaged that if what she’s doing on the show every week constitutes actual thinking, well, that’s frightening.

Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, however, isn’t fond of the possibility. “As far as I’m concerned, Paula is American Idol and our judge. It’s like asking Simon [Cowell] to sing. Why would I want that? It chips away at you, and not that Paula wouldn’t be good at it, she would be brilliant. But she was a dancer, so why would a dancer go on a dancing show? That doesn’t seem fair to me!” he told the magazine.

Funny how Lythgoe is concerned about the presence of ringers on ABC’s top-rated series, but not at all on his Fox show.

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