Kristi Yamaguchi enters Dancing with the Stars 6 finale with a perfect score

Not since the first season of Dancing with the Stars has a woman won the competition, but that may end tonight if viewer votes match the judges’ scores. The show ends tonight with a bloated two-hour finale starting at 9 p.m. ET.

If the judges on American Idol were encouraging viewers to vote of Syesha last week, the judges and producers on Dancing were doing the opposite, practically begging the audience to vote for Kristi. She received 60 out of 60, perfecting both her group cha-cha and her freestyle dance. Only three sets of perfect scores were handed out this season, and Kristi is the recipient of all three. “Worthy of the championship for me,” Bruno said after Kristi’s freestyle. “You were the big crowd pleaser,” Carrie Ann said, voting by saying “girl power–10!”

During her clip package, Kristi said, “It seems that odds are against a woman winning this, but I’m up for the challenge, and we’re going to go for it, no holds barred tonight, and we’ll see what happens.” And her partner Mark Ballas also made an argument why she should win. “A lot of people have been saying that Kristi’s the favorite, but history shows that men usually win this competition. A woman hasn’t won the show in five seasons,” he said.

The other two finalists were also praised by the judges, but received much lower scores, although who knows how exactly those are magically combined with viewer votes. Cristián de la Fuente received 52 points, while Jason Taylor had 51.

Speaking of Cristián, talk that he’s faked his injury is still inexplicably getting some traction–even though the primary evidence is ridiculous. Last week, one of the cuts during a package showed the bandage on his arm switch to his right arm for a few seconds. However, anyone who watched the actual footage saw that, during the second of the two quick moments when his right arm appeared to be injured instead of his left, his tattoo was also on his right arm, above the bandage, as always. In other words, the editors had simply reversed the frame for some reason.

The incomprehensibly stupid cowards who hide behind a collective byline at TMZ called him a “faker”–although they used a question mark, because lying as part of a makes it just an innocent question, not bullshit. They also asked, “Is it just bad editing (his tattoo is always there)– or is the soap star doing his best acting job yet?”

Yes, you half-witted, sensationalist, waste-of-oxygen morons, he’s so incredible at acting that he has not only manufactured his pain, but while filming a few seconds of footage in front of a background, he stopped, took off his fake cast, and then had that and a fake tattoo applied to his other arm, because someone who’s faking an injury would be that sloppy. I can’t even believe I’m trying to make this argument because the question is so pathetic and stupid, and is so overtly sensational and unethical that it’s embarrassing. Too bad no one at TMZ has any shame.

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