Second season of Dance War considered even though winners may not produce an album

ABC’s terrible Dancing with the Stars spin-off Dance War may actually air another season eventually, according to one of its stars. That’s despite the fact that the group selected on the first season may never actually produce a record, never mind that ABC got so desperate for viewers to watch when it was airing in February that they even spread rumors about their own cast members.

The prize for winning was a recording contract with Hollywood Records, but Zack Wilson, a member of Bruno’s winning team (who has since moved on to become a dance instructor and Zac Efron’s stand-in on High School Musical 3), told the New York Post, “I don’t think Hollywood Records has any plans to record anything else. It’s a little disappointing.” They did, however, produce three singles, one of which is currently for sale.

Bruno Tonoli seems unconcerned that the show is failing to deliver on its prize. “It’s the record company’s option. I don’t manage them,” he said. The paper reports that he “has no say in the group’s future now that the show is over.” He does, however, say that the promotion of the group was mishandled, and looks ahead to the next season. “We should have gone on tour right away. But we didn’t really have the time to put it together. We’re talking about doing another season, not this year, but next year. And now we know that we have to set the tour up from the beginning,” he said.

Carrie Ann has been taking a more hands-on approach with her losing team. “I’ve been meeting with my kids pretty much every week since the show ended,” she said. “We talk about opportunities that come up, how their careers are going.”

Apparently, those are very short conversations.

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