VH1 renews Celebrity Rehab, will announce I Love Money cast members on its blog

VH1 has renewed Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, the horrifying yet compelling series that was this year’s best new show. Dr. Drew will likely return for the second season, since his name is, you know, in the title of the show.

That’s according to VH1’s blog, which is basically a repository for information about VH1’s shows that would otherwise end up on other sites, or perhaps would be released by its PR department. It’s actually brilliant, because the bitchy blog attitude helps to conceal the fact that it basically exists just to pimp VH1’s programming.

The post on Celebrity Rehab is short on details, which is part of the blog’s other strategy: providing information in sporadic bursts to encourage people to return to the site. For example, VH1 just announced today that it will slowly release the names of cast members for its upcoming all-star competition I Love Money, in addition to other details about the show, but one day at a time.

Today, all it says about Dr. Drew and his group of famous addicts is that it “can confirm that a second season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew is on its way to VH1 and should arrive…soon. Once we can confirm details (cast, etc.), we will. Watch this space!”

Oh, we will, you page view whoring teases, you.

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